***late edition update***

*wu says carrot top is date place - and proves his point*

Nathan 'wazzy' wu said 'i told you so'. in an effort to help e$yo w/coping w/ the 7 fiasco, waz said 'hey, eric take a chick to carrot top.

it works for me!!!'. e$ was quoted as saying 'FUNK THAT. i'll just get her drunk' as the two hit the mstreet bars, almost got beat up by a football player, and all were said to be hit on by 'taras mom'. it was later found out by a reliable source that the woman in question in fact loved carrot top and would have been a great preface to mstreet. eyo was quoted as saying 'carrot schmarrot. i must admit wazzy was right. i had a great time, but you can't fuck w/ the wu man and his advice. remember, kris kieff says he sooo slick.'

nathan wazzy wu basked in his advice glory, by proceeding to take his own date to carrot top . Nathan said 'hey, i know what i'm talking about...and just ask clayton what these band chicks can do'.


*e$yo shows his true power*

in a related story, the fans of e$yo and his chicky friend were happy to get some condolences to '7'. it was rumored that after getting the heisman, e$yo got a quick recovery by being picked up and driven to south campus to watch movies. e$ says 'i'm just trying to make the contest interesting. but i can't ruin the whole night, so i'll compromise. I COOL LIKE DAT.'

fuzzy has said 'fuck that shit south campus is weak'.

cecelia says 'he never watched movies w/ me...funk him and his women. i thought he loved me.'

*fuzzerela? not no more*

in another related story , this woman in question spending time w/ the 'e' says 'i love eric paulie seems cool but i can't stand fuzzy's nickname'. still wanting to keep the spirit alive while changing the style fuzzy has temporarily been changed to 'fluffy'.

crazy sara says 'that chick's alright. i like the fluff! i wish i would have come up with it myself...wait a minute. i did come up w/ that. who stole my idea? where's shawna? where's the red hot...etc etc'

*pop goes the clayton*

in a totally unrelated story, sources close to the girl who doesn't care tells us that clayton was seen hitting paisley park krihelhi. dawn is quoted as saying 'is that the richard cable guy?'. while monique was quoted as saying 'if clayton wouldn't have hit him, i was going to throw my cornbread at either him or elevator girl'

*pop? ark? ikea?*

in another news, king rich and ikea are in hot debate. no one knows the outcome. no one knows if prince is behind the hype. the fans await....

*asian jill 21*

NEXT YOSCAPE will include updates of the asian jill bday bash. reports and numerous and the opinions abound. ALSO, not to be outdone akiyo says "you think she asian jill but i have been called asian joy.

i'll tell you what i think about rich. we are....."

[to be continued by an ol' dirty spidey near you...]