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Tuesday October 24, 1995

****** Campus Groups Seek Funding ******

About 40 SGA assembly members heard requests in a Monday night meeting in Maxwell Auditorium from new groups seeking money from the student ativity fee.

The SU Volleyball Club and Undergraduate Social Work Organization were both denied funds.

SGA Budget Allocations


Organization Requested Allocated

The Fuzz Club for Men --$1,605.00-- $ 0.55

Justification : For Hair Care Products.

Results : Money allocated for a new comb.

SU Thai Noodle Organization --$ 799.00-- $ 1.00

Justification : For Cooking Expenses.

Results : Money allocated for 6 packages of Top Ramen Noodles

Undergrads Against Krugs --$ 100.00-- $654,209.00

Justification : The hair.

Results : Money allocated for relocation of entire Krug blood-line.

Lucky Seven Club --$ 14.00 --$ 0.00

Justification : Movie ticket expenses.

Results : Your dissed again.

***** Reader Question ******

If ha has "hascape," yo has "yoscape," and you have "wuscape,"what would paulie's be?

Which would be the best name?






"Fuckfuzzyscape?" your guess is as good as mine.





- Please Vote on a scale from 1-10 -

- Responses will be tabulated and posted -

***** Other interesting ...scape posibilities *****

Suscape: the trials and tribulations invovlved in looking like a damn muppet, being engaged to some spaniard living in hawaii, and having a last name with no vowels.

exscape: a newsletter devoted entirely to the ex-es of the list members. you name it and their there! Kris Wu, Shawnna, Joy (just to make fuzzy feel included), hype, tara (xl), iesha, mo brongo, etc.

realitycheckscape: devoted entirely to richard (arie, ark, cable, arkman, count dracula, spidey, old dirty ark, method ark, richie) kriheli.

nipscape: a mixture of eroticism and annoying. the best and worst of life.

and finally, one word says it all........

Kruggscape: for dedicated fingerers everywhere.

== "the real thing" ==

***** Wiznitzer Watch -Accurate and dependable- *****

A 'wiznitzer watch' sighting. after not calling her back, eric yo saw joy wits-missedher outside of 44's w/ a bunch of guys. the always bitter joy screamed to e.yo and his chicky friends. "hey, hope you have fun...for once!".

***** Sports Report *****

For those who missed the football game that was

1. a great win

2. the longest TD pass in SU history

3. the record setting day for marvin harrison?

***** Movie Maddness *****

-The Showdown Exclusive-

In a heated competition Yo and Vatch are racing toward the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.

What is the bru-ha-ha all about?

That magical movie 'Seven'

Who will see it first, and how will they get a date to go.

Things have not been easy for the Polester

Associated Press puts him at an all time low batting average of 0.00

some reports indicate his record as 0 for 4, others say he may have actually made between 5-6 carousel attempts.

Close behind is Eric Yo tied at 0.00, entering the race late eric is 0 for 2

So close have these two been close to the victorious pilgrimage to Hoyts, Eric practices his moves on a daily basis, "hey babe, we can take On-Track" , or "The Centro Bus is on Me".

Sekio - the official watch of the movie marathon has timed both eric and paulie being turned down just moments before leaving for the movie.

Will one of them make it before the movie is out of the theaters?

Will Fuzzerella enter and blow them all away?

Los Vegas is excepting bets on who will be 0 for 7 for going to see 'Seven'

Paulie is the favorite but don't count Yo out.

Good luck and Godspeed.

***** Feature Article *****


SYRACUSE - A Jury convicted the former president of the Fuzzalena fan club Monday of murdering the Tijuana singing idol...Rejecting the idea that he ejaculated prematurely causing him to suffer from a stroke.

The verdict, which came after 2 hours of deliberation, set off wild cheers and horn honking among the several fans who gathered outside the courthouse.

The 21 year old pop-star, whose full name was Fuzzalena Quintanilla Pereschneller, suffered a heart attack when surprised at the fact that a female, the president of his fan club, actually offered him sex on March 21.

At the time, he was already a superstar in the Mexican American world of Tijuana music, but was on the verge of being accepted by the human audience. His death devasted all 12 fans and his posthumous album, "Dreaming of Jew" debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts.

Amy Macaluso, 21, was fan club organizer in early 1994 and later became the singer's closest aide. She reacted impassively to the verdict, but she began to cry when she reminisced on that fact that EEWW!! she actually offered sex to Fuzzalena.

***** In the Spotlight *****

Announcing Vogue as the new star of a movie written by the Unknown Thai Girl (where does she rank in the POLLS?). Apparently eric beat the odds he tried out for the lead roll and got it. The auditions were rough but somehow he made it through. Shooting starts soon.

Earlier Yo said - "I already know all my lines, I wish I had a bigger part."

If anyone is looking for a fresh new actor contact yo. For references just watch UU TV. The tub scene is my personal favorite.

***** Scandal *****

names are left out to protect the innocent.

Over the weekend there was a strict violation of the secret code. With prior knowledge that he had two girls to go out with he still told his roommate that he couldn't tag along that he would be a third wheel. That room mate was later reported walking to the bars himself. Shame on you, there was enough to go around. you know who you are.

***** Reminder *****

In other news, $5 all you can drink at regatta on saturdayz.

***** Quote for today *****

No butt, no personality, no service...

Next week - halloween party!

p.s. Thank you to all that have contributed, keep it coming.