*WuScape* "News" Thursday Edition

Serving the SU Hill

Thursday October 19, 1995

***** Health Watch *****

-SU student defeats addiction after years of pain-

After bouts with both Prince and Madonna addictions, A syracuse University undergraduate said he is amazed to be alive. Known only as "Cable" this struggling student describes his journey for a small group of students in the main floor lounge of Haven. Cable now in his third year of recovery, recounted his problems with Prince and Madonna and how he came to seek help for his addictions.

***** WuScape Guide to Dining ****

-Little Thai Land-

Address: The Heights

Head Chef: "Ratch-hole-e-o"

Speciality: Spicy Noodles & Chili.

-The Regatta-

Buffet- All you can Eat 3$.

Speciality: Meatballs

***** Question of the Day *****

Who is the real Dick Lee?

***** Weekend Outlook ****

You asked for it YO.

Friday/Sat.- UU Cinema - Apollo 13 at 7:30,9

SpaceBalls Midnight !Free!

Harrass Tina's Younger Brother -all weekend event.

Saturday : SU Football - Join Us in the Nose Bleed Seats section 308.

Will Rosetti Play?

Haunted Hayride - Contact Eric Yo for details.

-Bar Report-

Thursday-Darwins to Faegons celebrate the comming of age of "Asian" Jill.

Friday - Regatta Happy Hour 5-8pm : 1$ buffet, 1$ Sam Adams Draft.

Darwins 9:00 : $100 Beer tab give away, you have to be in it to Win it.

Satuday - TBA

Sunday - "Senior Sunday" a must.

*Warning*....*Warning*...Parent's weekend, beware of Old People Lurking at your favorite hangout.

Adult Entertainment

"Lookers" Amature Night on Mondays. - Now featuring 'Summer'.

"American Dream Girls" Discount with SU ID.

++ Remember ++

For latest house party Info. Call Arvi "go the frosh party" Santos.

***** Classified *****

Wanted: Editorials and Feature Articles, please foreward one day in advance.

Announcing: Subscriptions free - tell friends just send e-mail.

Personals: Seeking any female , must be breathing. Notify Fuzzerella.

***** Wiznitzer Watch -Accurate and dependable- *****


Joy 'Wits'missedher was spotted wandering the Quad mumbling "Which way is Harry's"

Later seen feeding crumbs to a bird, calls bird her 'best friend'.

30% chance of her digging for diamonds over the weekend.

100% of her talking to ghosts.

***** Editor's Note *****

Due to the overwelming popularity, WuScape News will now be printed bi-weekly with issues out on Tuesday and Thursday.

Help keep it going by sending reactions and thoughts or suggestions.