Fuzzrella hears about a party, so he calls his hairy godmother and asks:

"I've invited myself to this party, I'd really like to go...can you fix me up with all the stuff that I need?"

The hairy godmother, being the good person that she is, says, "No problem, but you MUST be in by 12:00 midnight, or else your dick will turn into weed."

"Okay, no problem," says Fuzzerella, "Thank you."

So Fuzzerella goes to the party, has a good time, is in by 12 and had no problems.

The next day...

"Listen, there's another party tonight, is it okay if I go???"

The hairy godmother says, "Okay, but you know...12:00...Weed."

Fuzzerella goes to the party, has a great time and is in by 12. He calls the hairy godmother AGAIN and says,

"There's another party tonight, it's very important that I go...Rosetti the 10th string football player is going to be there, and I really need to go.

Hairy godmother says, "Okay...but you know the drill...12:00 - Weed"

So Fuzzerella goes...

12:00 comes...no Fuzzerella

He finally comes cruising in at about 2:30

"Where the hell have you been...What happened at 12? Were you embarassed?"

Fuzzerella says:

"The party sucked, so I left early and started walking home, 12:00 came and

I got upset...

Then I bumped into this girl named Joy...