Serving the SU Hill

Tuesday October 17, 1995

****** Current Events ******

Alcohol Awarness Week- 'Jumping Jen Olegaro'will be promoting responsibility in consuming alcohol this week on campus. How to dance on bar tables in high-heels will mark National Collegiate Awareness Week from now until Oct 21st.

****** Police Reports ******

Toilet tussle ends in injury, arrest-Syracuse Police arrested 'Vatch the Ratch' Pole after a bathroom brawl outside the Regatta tavern in the Sheraton University Hotel at 800 University Ave. Pole is being charged with 4th degree criminal possesion of a weapon. Witnesses report Pole throwing spicy Thai noodles at the victim which reportedly started a Thai Boxing bout. The unsanctioned fight was scheduled to last 3 rounds. Pole told police "It was time for a beat down." The fight was stopped by the authorities and is rescheduled for a later date.

****** Wiznitzer Report *****

Joy 'Lost in Space' Wiznitzer was reported to be playing with casper the friendly ghost in her room this weekend. Inside sources say that she tried to seduce him but when she refused to shave her legs he left.

***** Campus Spotlight *****

Hometown Hero-'Eric E-Money Yo' announces his debut album - "ShmuHouse Blues" In light of his current stardom Yo will be changing his name to the guy previously known as Yo. His only fans appear to the tools next door to him and of course his agent-Robert Frank. What is next you say for this new all-american boy? He will be appearing in a new UU Tv series called The Adventures of SmuBoy, and SmuWatch due next month.