Police arrested a 21 yr-old SU student for allegedly shoplifting from a local drugstore Tuesday. Comstock Heights resident Fluffy Schneller was charged with one count of petit larceny after assistant cashier "PIP" of CVS 700 S.Crouse Ave reported seeing Fluffy attempt to steal condoms, and CVS cologne without paying. The items are valued at 10 dollars. Fluffy was heard saying to "PIP" "I was just doing it to impress you PIP. I wanted to steal the condoms in hope that I could get caught by you, meet you, and then use it on you. Look, the size is even miniscule...umm.. I meant Dave Kelly sized." Ha is reportedly furious over this. After hearing this report, he says "I'm gonna beat that mutha fucka up for pimping on my bitch. I'm gonna hit his R.I. ass so hard he'll convert to Islam." Fluffy will be arraigned in court city criminal court on Monday.

He is reportedly in hiding from death threats from the Oriental Express Crew.