For all you bums who like

The fresh Juice.

********* This is the Mad Flavor Edition *********

This is gonna have to be short and sweet, the late edition

comming to you live at the 11:30 hour.

******* Reader FeedBack ********

Here's some flava for your ear.

Cable was madpissed at me for busting on his style,

I think mentioning the pony tail really got him.

So in light of his sensitivity I will just have to bust on him a little more. first what is this crap?

>From arkrihel@mailbox.syr.eduThu Nov 2 23:24:40 1995

B careful how U perceive me

do U dream in color

or do U discriminate

do U love

or do U hate?

aknowledge me

don't judge me.

-violet the organ grinder. O(+>

second if you didn't already know he was x-tra madpissed about comming in second to the Krug in the halloween costume contest. Why because as inside sources tell me K-Bull has been eating J Krugs dust for years. It is a very sad realization when J Krugs music choice beats yours for two staight years at competing for the haven hall casino night DJ postion.

**** Alternate Contest Winners ****

Dis is for da honnies.

Congrats goes out to Psycho Shawna for shaking her tits at Hungry Charleys by showing up as a Hula Dancer in a Bikini, those who looked directly at her were blinded, only temporarly thank god.

"Why am I a finalist? Who knew?" - Psycho S.

"Show your TITS, I'll vote for you " - Drunk guy at bar.

**** Banned Religious Groups Return To Campus ****

Your moms in my bizness

The knights that say Nee, and Fuzzy Worshipers are trying to regain popularity once again on campus. SU's cult contoversy once again is stirred by faith and fear. Father James Lang of the catholic center called them 'mind controlling freaks' beware they are unholy.

Buzz Shaw said that he would recoqnize the Fuzz Worship group if they could prove that they had at least one member. We can all sleep safe tonight ,no one has joined.

************ The Yo Update ************

Brass monkey that funkey monkey.

Bringing it to you live in 95 the real deal. Yo came home drunk and rowsless from the bar area on Tuesday night. Dats the Fact Jack.


Monie in the middle, in the middle where she at?, in the middle.

Wow The powers that be have saved this edition of WuScape.

It is a sign!