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Tuesday October 31, 1995

****** Halloween Edition ********

Best costume awards.

Runner Up.


Featuring the don't sweat the technique scrappy pony tail. Prince symbol worn around his neck at all times. Official Miracle Mets of '86 Uniform. last but not least...

Bad Posture.

Hands Down Champion.

Jason-got my style at CVS,face only a mother could love-Krug

Featuring-Hair that belongs on a baboon. seen always sporting his High School Ring.

Perfector of the I slept in an alleyway look.

and best of all...

Plastic Tropical Island Watch.

******* Mad Pissed ******

The Message:


annoying? you've seen what the uptown beat down is like. now it's time to experience the queens side beat down.

The Reply:

From ????


Get your schnel'on everyone she's ready to Rummmmmbbbllleeeeee!

******* Fuzz Fiction ******

Wits'missed'er Report

Alex are you Russian?-No I hate frats- was seen interogating Joy at the carrer placement center. It seems that the foreigner was attempting to buy a Duran Duran CD at the Specturm but took a wrong turn in the schine and ended up in the unfamiliar place in question.

Looking into one of the rooms he saw mind boggling circumstances precipating before his very eyes. Joy looking for jobs. Stop you say no, I swear on the holy fuzz it is so.

After 15min or so of warming up, Alex began to understand the conversation you must understand that it takes between 10-20 minutes for her to actually start making sense, it appears that there is some sort of delay programmed into her brain, a saftey mechanism to prevent over exertion.

However the culture and language barrier posed too great a challenge for even the Soviet and he surrendered and retreated.

"She is my LaJoya Jackson" - Fuzzerella

********* Love Connection ***********

On the sly cool ice tip ERic Yo is making unprecedented, ground breakingmoves on his new main squeeze, Rose2 or is it 3, whatever. The couple has been spotted downtown slurping beer and looking deeply into one another's eyes. "Oh eric where have you been all my life" - R2

"SchmuHouse of course." Eyo.

She has a bad accent and doesn't believe that Syracuse really gets that cold, a transfer student from Dorkchester,Mass. introducing Rows2.

(Please include her in Future'Babe Watch'Polls)

Faux Pas: At the bar Eric tries badly to impress R2 with his superior beer knowledge and buys her some Philly Lager (hometown brew).

Turns out to be Crap, she can't even drink it.

"Come on its good, it its from Philly"- Eyo.

- We think not. Better Luck next time.

When asked about the situation eric had no comment except that he might go to the Regatta with her tonight and skip doing important work.

Whipped, again.


Hey did you hear Karate Girl III is on HBO.

Halleluia! There is a God!- "Armand B. Raquel-santos"

******** Deep Thoughts ********

by 'Chuck Webber

I'm asking the fucking questions here. Are you a peter pumper? Do you suck dick? I bet your the kind of guy who will do a guy up the ass and not even have the common courtesy to give him a reach around?

Looks like the best part of you ran down the crack of your mother's ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress.

This concludes yet another edition of *WuScape* hope you all enjoyed.