*** Regatta Headlines ****
Wiznitzer Runs Quarter Mile - "Escape from Regatta"
*** Pay Per View Special ***
Spicy Noodle Contest - "Draw!!!" 

*** Sports ***
Pool Sharks Dethroned. "8-ball blues"
*** Trivia ***
It is not what you know but who you know - "free t-shirt scandel".
*** Crime ***
Some refuse to buy their round of beer. - "Fuzzed out"
*** Entertainment ***
Haunted Hayride-"it will knock your socks off"
On Sun, 15 Oct 1995, E $ Vogelsang wrote:
word 'em up. i am the hot stepper [that is 4 u paulie] and now...
***** PRESS RELEASE *****
after i'm done w/ the 'paulie wants to beat me up party' starring travolta's friends, the black engineer, and motown, among others, i'm having one for clayton!!! starring pip, travolta, lyle, i-e sha, among other surprise guests!!! call now. RSVP only!!! some say that there will be many 'cross over' guests that belong at both parties. when asked if he was one of the cross over guests, thong had only to say 'no, way, paulie loves me...i know how to speak thai!'. when asked about being invited to the party, travolta goes 'fuck that drummming muthafucker. i'll show him why i'm travolta. i'm gettin my roomate Latino van dean, louis farekhan and me and we'll give him a 'pulp fiction' shootout'. the surprise pick is notorious TIT, who will be fucked by paulie in the first party, only to be beat up by clayton at the second party for being what newhouse pete quotes as 'a dirty white chesty girl'. in a suprise event, cecelia says she might not be able to attend clayton's party. she says 'too man hills...too many hills'. while britania man says 'people think i'm a dork...but for some reason they don't hate me enuff to invite me. where's eric yo. i wanna edit some tv shots'. in other news, a similar party for eric garr was canceled after he made up w/ sue ng. outsider amy says 'that party might be over, but i'm still going to fight 'flaming corn''. others have quoted jessica lipsky who says 'i have decided to stop partying altogether. instead i am marrying e$yo and will become a private investigator. first thing i'm investigating is a larger imitation of my little sister working at the front desk. after that i'm investigating the spirits and ghosts escaping the room of ms. wiznitzer in haven 925'

MORE TO COME...[like family fun] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!